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❝ And I know now that I need to mend my mistake, and mend our bond. ❞

I think Brave is so under-estimated. Here is a strong female protagonist, who undergoes a trial which changes her for good. She goes from selfish, immature and rash, wanting to do things her own way, regardless of consequences, to accepting to change, and selfless and understanding. It’s done so well, in my opinion. People assume that the title Brave, just means that she was brave, and courageous. But no, she was brave enough to accept change, her own change and see the errors of her ways. 

Many times, when characters change, whether it be mindset or personality, they don’t exactly reflect back at their negative behaviors. Merida does that. She looks back at her character from the beginning of the movie and she realizes her flaws. God, Merida is one of the most beautiful characters ever. 

Admitting you are wrong and trying to fix it is one of the bravest things you can do.

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Wait…if Henry’s the new apprentice, and the hat is actually still in the shop…


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Powerful portraits of the Liberians who beat Ebola 

To help humanize the overwhelming statistics, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and senior staff photographer at Getty Images, John Moore, visited an Ebola treatment center of the organization, Doctors Without Borders in Paynesville, Liberia. At the treatment center, survivors spoke about the brothers, sisters, husbands and wives they lost due to the disease. They also spoke of recovery, stigmas they continue to face in their villages and renewed hope.

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it’s finally time.

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The Incredibles (2004)

Rest In Peace Elizabeth Peña
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J.K. Rowling goes up to the counter and orders seven pumpkin spice lattes. The barista gives her eight.

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strangers like me // phil collins

come with me now to see my world
where there’s beauty beyond your dreams
can you feel the things i feel right now with you?
take my hand, there’s a world i need to know

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A helpful guide

I can’t reblog this fast enough

This is a bit misleading… Ebola is spread through droplets as well as contact, and can live for up to 2 days outside the body on a surface. And you have to ingest the Ebola virus through blood, an open wound or any mucous membrane, not just touch it.

In summation, wash your hands and take a shower, and keep your hands away from your face. Basic human hygiene.